After this year Panic will have existed longer without Ryan than with Ryan and that makes me wanna vomit

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Two Weeks // Handguns

Although we’re young, we said that we’d make this count

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A few cabin photos.

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The Family Jewels vs Electra Heart

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Does anyone else have like several songs that they love but are constantly skipping because the atmosphere has to be just right and you have to be able to completely immerse yourself in it for those few minutes without any distractions

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Remember when Fall Out Boy did the most ridiculous campaigning for Folie A Deux?


  • Hacking the Decaydance website
  • Dropping a human dummy on Rodeo Dr. wearing a sweatshirt that said “Return of FOB: Nov 4”
  • Releasing a (fantastic) mixtape
  • Creating “Citizens For Our Betterment”
  • "Fresh Only Bakery
  • Pete writing ridiculous encrypted blog spots referencing lyrics
  • Creating a website that supposedly took you to the answer but it required specific IP adresses for you to access it
  • Ashlee Simpson carrying around pamphlets, making everyone freak
  • Like 20 other bands posting creepy things on their website like “Welcome to the New Administration!” and “The time has come”
  • itsonlyafad.com

And then after all this, they pushed the release date back

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